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DIY Stone Fire Pit

Wednesday, July 03, 2019   /   by Melissa Rosales

DIY Stone Fire Pit

Summer is upon us!
What's the best way to spend those cool summer nights?
None other then being around the camp fire, surrounded by family and friends.
Telling jokes, listening to music and roasting some marshmallows.

Here's a quick and simple DIY guide to help you achieve the PERFECT fire pit for your home. 
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DIY Stone Fire Pit

Here are the supplies you need: 

  • Bricks (36 pcs 4″ x 11.2″ Ashland Flagstone bricks)
  • Paver Sand (2 bags, 0.5 cu. ft.)
  • Lava Rock (2 bags, 0.5 cu. ft.)
  • Concrete Adhesive and Caulk Gun (2 tubes)

Make sure you have these tools:

  • Spade Shovel
  • Level